About Us


We are a group of believers who have been saved by the love and grace of God. Our greatest desire is to worship Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.

We wish to truly be followers of Jesus, growing into a deeper relationship with Him as He heals us, transforms us and releases us into the eternal purpose for which we were created.

Out of our love for Him, we desire to continue His mission and His ministry under the power of the Holy Spirit in our community and the nations. We will actively seek out the lost, teaching them with our words and demonstrating by our deeds, the love, mercy, grace and power of God. Our desire is to draw the unsaved into a personal, born-again relationship with Jesus and into the fellowship of believers where they can join us as His disciples. We are also committed to co-laboring with and revitalizing other fellowships while planting churches in other communities and in the world.

“Keeping it simple: Loving God, Loving People”


Vineyard Core Values:

The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God

Experiencing God (The Presence of God)

Reconciling Community (Being Peacemakers)

Culturally Relevant Mission (Reaching Each Generation)

Compassionate Ministry (Caring for the Broken)

Statement of Faith