Journey Together

A local church living life with one another.

We encourage the church to not only be a part of Sunday mornings but to be in community with one another during the week through life groups, special interest groups, and support groups.


These gatherings are typically small gatherings that meet in people’s homes, restaurants and around backyard fire pits! These provide an amazing opportunity for people to gather together on a regular basis to grow deeper in community and grow deeper in the Lord through worship, reading the Word and praying for one another.


We consider being in a small group with other believers to be one of the most valuable elements to the Christian walk.


Life Groups are a key aspect of our church community. In these groups members will create relationships with other people and be encouraged in their faith. Most of these groups will meet for about eight weeks and then take a short break before starting up again.


Our Men's and Women's Life Groups have been very life giving for many people over the years. These groups provide great opportunities for meaningful relationships and to grow in our faith.


Life can have many hang ups. In our Support Groups people can find healing, redemption and friendship. These groups are open to anyone that would like to attend.