An Expression of God's Love

in Action

We desire to love the Lord with our whole lives and to love our neighbors really well. 

Out of our love for Him, there is an overflow of seeing His mission and His ministry

move under the power of the Holy Spirit in our community and the nations.


We desire to actively seek out the lost, and through our words and our actions

we hope to display the love, mercy, grace and power of God.


Here you can find mission where God has called us locally and globally to be

a part of what He is doing!


As a church, we have set up a space in which our children can grow as disciples of Jesus! We have dedicated teams of leaders who serve and train our children through interactive curriculums that help children build Godly lives. We are committed to encouraging children to be followers of Jesus.


Encounter His Presence and experience healing in all areas of your lives.  Experience the Kingdom of God and become a lifelong disciple of Jesus by being in a community where you are challenged to commit your life to Jesus, His Church, and His Cause! 


Locally and globally we are all called to reach out. The love of Jesus has the power to change the whole world! Check out some of the areas we are currently engaging with the mission of God here on the earth.

Our passion is simple: To help people deeply engage with God. The churched, the unchurched, people of all cultures, young and old, rich or poor. We believe that to deeply engage is to have intimacy with God.